Modify AWS VPN Tunnel

Modify AWS VPN Tunnel

  1. Access the VPC Interface:

    • Go to Site-to-Site VPN connections.
    • Choose the recently created VPN.
    • Click on Actions.
    • Select Modify VPN tunnel options.

    Step 1

  2. Choose the VPN Tunnel Outside IP Address:

    Step 2

  3. Confirm UP Tunnel Modification and Keep Other Parameters Default:

    Step 3

  4. Enable Tunnel Activity Log:

    • Enable Tunnel activity log.
    • Choose an existing Amazon CloudWatch log group (or create one in CloudWatch if not already done).
    • Set Output format to text.
    • Click Save changes.

    Step 4

  5. Access CloudWatch:

    • Navigate to Log groups.
    • Go to Log streams.
    • Choose a log stream.

    Step 5

  6. View Log Events:

    Step 6

  7. Repeat the Process for the Remaining Tunnel(s):

    Step 7

  8. Verify That Both Tunnels are UP:

    Step 8